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What We Do


Hand Crafted Items

We are a group of passionate and creative artists. Almost all the items in our store are hand crafted. Some items are crafted by mother nature herself such as the stones and essential oils. Some pieces are a collaboration between mother daughter, sister and sister, or artists from other places in this great country! Many of the things we make are one of a kind so you get a true piece of art to enjoy. 


Crafting / STEAM / Essential Oil Classes

Classes are fun and engaging ways to express your creativity. Children's classes blend art and science to enhance the learning experience. Essential oils are also a blending of the senses and arts as we teach ways to use and wear these healing aromatic compounds.

Reiki,Reflexology, and Aromatouch Therapy


  • Reiki is used for stress reduction and relaxation. Teresa is a Reiki Master Healer who will use a blend of techniques to help in your healing journey.  Call to reserve your 30 or 60-minute session.


  • Stress relief technique used on the hands employing essential oils on the hands. Improve circulation and ease-tired hands. Finish with a paraffin hand treatment to leave your hands baby soft. May be added to Reiki treatment or as 30 min treatment.


  • Therapy based on the reflex points on the hand and feet. Gentle pressure applied can stimulate response to encourage the corresponding body part to respond.  Can provide deep relaxation and healing that is complementary to traditional medicine.