About Us

Our Story


My family started my love of creating at a very young age. Sewing, cooking, crocheting, painting and turning trash into treasures came naturally to the ladies who raised me. That loving legacy lead me to my own designs and talents which I expanded from humble family and friends gifts, to small shows and now the next step a retail shop!

Unique, Handmade Creations


Our store takes pride in making and selling creations that are handmade and unique. Some pieces are a blending of talents, for example our porcelain diffuser necklaces, use a focal piece from an Illinois artist who loves their craft as much as we do. From stone and crystal jewelry pieces, vintage painted spoons and custom created character ornaments, to amazing crochet creations including hats, and uplifting essential oil products. We want to offer you quality memorable pieces and products. 

Creation Education


Teaching science has been my passion for a number of years. With that same enthusiasm I love educating people about stones, crystals, essential oils and crafting! Our retail location offers the chance for all ages to take creative classes to make their own creations in a fun, personal, small class setting.